Formal and Prom


I was lucky enough to get to go to both. For anyone who does not know, formal and prom are dances that schools organize but they are slightly different. Prom is fancier, usually with long dresses, professional hair and makeup, fancier suits, sometimes dinner, so its basically an all-day commitment. Formal is just a dance, at Westy with shorter dresses and more causal suits. Westy does not have a prom but a formal, which was this monday. I think they have it on mondays to make sure students don’t stay up too late or do anything stupid. I was asked to formal by Chris with this awesome sign




Going off of me and Becca’s song for Cabaret, take a chance on me by ABBA. My music teacher made us sing it in chorale class and suddenly Chris pops up singing the chorus with the sign! Anyway, it was a fun time, pictures and then a dance. I love the flowers he got me.

I was lucky enough to get asked to prom at Canterbury School, another coed private school, by a guy who is friends with the guys who asked Becca and Indy. The six of us ended up having a really great time together, and “American prom” was pretty much what I had hoped and expected it to be. Me, Becca and Indy got our hair done professionally which I’ve never done before and I was more than happy with the result!!

I got to borrow this absolutely gorgeous dress from Ally’s friend Cara, who I’ve gotten to know. I am extremely grateful to her for that, it really is a dress of my dreams. I bought shoes and jewelry that I loved, and then a rose boutonniere for my prom date Lenny. When we met them, they had corsages for us, matching the color of our dresses, which is the only thing we told them about our outfits. It was all so formal and really special, those little details! haha

It started with pictures, of which we took a bunch, then we had a cocktail kind of mingling with the other people, I think we were about 150 in total. All the dresses were absolutely stunning like individual pieces of art. We then had a dinner and a dance for hours with a DJ who I must admit crushed any and all of the Westy DJs… At 11 PM we went to a place called bounce, everyone took their heels and dresses off and but their sports clothes on, ready to jump around in an indoor trampoline center! Good end to the night! We stayed the night at Beccas and returned at 6am in the morning to Westy with approximately four hours of sleep. Luckily, I had a double sleep in the next day.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible for me to experience. I will remember the formal and the prom forever! Thank you to Mr and Mrs Gavel for driving us and putting up with us so much! It is much appreciated and never goes unnoticed.

Now, there’s not much left. It seems totally irrational, but I’m slowly trying to take that in.

To be continued…







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