Arts and Music

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This might sound weird to some Westy students, but I used to be mainly an athlete. I suffer from a knee injury that does not allow too much physical activity right now, which is why I have let my other interests really flourish on Westy campus. I play golf right now which is a ball, but I have really made a huge effort to let my artistic side come out here. Arts and music, it is. And I have really loved it. They have both been huge parts of my life since as long as I can remember, but maybe not to this extent.

Last week, we performed for SPACE, which stands for Student…. pomthing aomthing comething eomething I really can’t remember, but its basically student organized plays, songs, performances etc. I acted a little bit in one of the plays, written by my peer Julia (Jules you are amazing), and I sung in one of them, written by Mr Aber, a teacher at the school. I keep doing these kind of things, even though I’m used to being on stage, I really have not performed solos, acted, or anything close to dancing on stage, but what better time to try it that here?? Am I right! It is really a great time, especially working with such passionate people. Thank you so much to the SPACE crew, it was a great time working with you.

School wise, things are really slowing down now. A bunch of “lasts” are happening, last game, last test, last chance to do this and that. They have now put up posters in our bathroom with what to think about when cleaning out your room before leaving for summer vacation. We 5th formers still have the exams left though, so I’ll be completely done around June 3rd. And then my brother and mom are coming here from Sweden June 4th!! It’s so soon!?

I have started preparing for hanging up my art pieces for a spring exhibition here at Westy. I do not know how I have had so much time to paint, but I have painted more than ever here! I think I have just been more inspired than usual. If you’re reading this, and are on Westy campus, make sure to come check out the exhibition on May 27th, the graduation day!! I might put some of my pieces up for sale, it depends on the permanent exhibition I’ve been offered to hold in Gund (!!!) and what pieces they want to hang up there. So if you are interested in owning any of my pieces, make sure to come take a look! Here’s a sneak peek…

I include down below a ton of photos, mostly from Cabaret but also from SPACE, the musical and the play. I look terrible in some of them but I included them anyway, its for the memories!!

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