Cabaret Week



Cabaret was one of the most challenging performances I’ve ever been a part of. I am very  well educated in choir singing, especially classical music, but this time I got to sing several solo pieces in front of a crowd, and I had soooo much fun I can’t even explain it. Me and my roommate Becca together sang Take A Chance On Me by ABBA, so I got to spread some more Swedishness! We had a blast on stage, and we also went dancing with some people in the audience. I got to sing a solo from the musical Pippin, acting out the scene of the manipulative mother in the song Spread A Little Sunshine. The dancing went pretty well, and even tough I had a tough cold I managed to sing most of my tunes ok. To the Cabaret crew, thank you all so much! It was a blast working with you all and I will forever remember it! All the rehearsing was so worth it and I hope you had as much fun as I.

I spent this weekend at my host family’s, to watch the Kentucky Derby! It is the worlds most famous horse race and personally I don’t think I’ve actually watched one ever. The race was over soon after it started, and everyone was screaming and cheering. We had about ten more people over and tons of great food. I got to talk about my Swedishness again, since whenever I met new people they’re always so curious. So, what country do you like better? Johanna, how do you pronounce your name? Are you happy to be going home soon? I don’t know I dont know I don’t knowwww. Hard questions. But it was fun mingling with everyone since everyone always has something to say or ask me.

This weekend was reunion weekend on the hill, which means former students can come back to Westy and say hi to current students and faculty. I was however busy taking the SAT on Saturday. I think it went well! Comparing my feeling after the PSAT to this one, I think I did good! If you do not know what the SAT is, it is sort of the American equivalent to Högskoleprovet.

That is all I can think of at the moment!

Much loveeee




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