grass and music


Spring has finally come to the hill, and the snow is definitely gone by now. The weather is getting warmer and warmer and I have spent more time outside this week than I have in months and months. Me and my friends have found many new favorite hang out places on campus, now that the grass is green and dry and we can study outdoors. Stickball tournaments have started, where all the dorms play against each other in a game very similar to Swedish brännboll.

Me and two friends took a long weekend to my roommates house for easter, and we all got a haircut. My hair is shorter than like ever and it’s a little weird but I think I like it. We played golf, went to the mall and looked for prom dresses, because they both got asked to prom at another school where they have friends. Westy does not have a prom which is a little sad but we have formals at least. we also went to easter brunch with my friend’s family and got easter baskets which I never have before! We stayed out in the sun for most of the day since the temperature reached up to 28 celsius, it was amazing.

We also went to the movies and saw A Dogs Purpose. Midway through the projector stopped working and we got refunded but the first half of the movie was really good and we all shed a few tears. To every dog lover, definitely go watch it!

This Tuesday, a theater duo came and preformed on the Westy WCC stage, a play called Murder For Two. The actors in it were amazing, I was so impressed. The play included over ten characters, all played my two people. They were so talented. I have a small part in one of the upcoming spring plays. When watching people this good at what they do you realize how crappy you are yourself! But you can also learn from it I guess.

I have never played golf this intensely in my life for a longer period of time, and my brain feels kind of mushy from all the golfing but at the same time I am getting a lot better every week. It’s nice spending a lot of time outside.

Yesterday some students from Westy got to go to the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, SDLC, held this year at the school Loomis Chaffee. SDLC is a big event were over 600 students and faculty come together to discuss important topics to do with school and societal atmosphere. There were speakers, slam poetry, music and food. We were divided into small groups to bring up detailed questions. My group existed of people of different skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background. Every question we brought up, was discussed immensely and passionately. We discussed heavy topics such as race, abortion, mental health, money, privilege and discrimination. I really enjoyed the experience, to be in a place with so much love. Everyone was there to spread the message and promote a more accepting future. It was powerful and beautiful.

This week I have been thinking a lot about home. I think I’ve been more homesick than usual. It’s hard to tell, because I don’t feel sad or anything. I just find myself a little nostalgic or melancholic sometimes. I think it’s healthy though because it makes you more appreciative.

Me knees have been worse than usual, and I don’t know why. I was fine during hockey season and spring break but now I am getting worse again. I keep icing them and I am going to start wearing my braces so thats not exactly good news. I am surrounded by people who want to help though, and hopefully it won’t get worse than this.

I have started planning for the summer and were I’ll be, Torekov and Stocholm. I’m excited, its gonna be a great one!




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