A little bit of everything


It has been an intense week. A lot of fun things have happened, but terrible things too. Today, I volunteered to go, with a few other students, to a soup kitchen in Hartford, and help serve food to people not as fortunate as myself. It was a humbling experience and I’d definitely do it again. It got me thinking, and I’m sure I am not the only one who would say that. More than I thought of how great the act of giving back is (which is what I would guess most people would say), I realized how small I am, and how little influence I have, if I do not make to conscious choice to change that. When I got to hear about what has recently happened in Stockholm, I got scared for my life. I promised myself I won’t be too opinionated or political on this blog, so I won’t go into it as much as I would want to. I hope everyone is dealing ok with it, despite the circumstances. I think many must feel just like I do, as if there is a cloud of uneasiness just hovering over everything I do, and it is hard to know how to act. I am sending all my love and thoughts to the victims of the tragedy, and want to acknowledge all the people who helped, when this was all new. Something that has seemed so far away for a long time, suddenly feels so close, which is what scares me the most. We mustn’t forget that things like this happen all over the world, all the time, and I am just lucky (or unlucky) to get to know all the details this fast because of media and friends when it happens in my country.

My friends and close ones have really helped me with dealing with the helplessness I feel when I am so far away from home, where it happened. However, I will try to live on as normal, which is all I can do. Furthermore, this week has been full of rain and revisit days, where possible new students come and shadow a current student at west, so it’s been very crowded and formal.  We have also started rehearsing more for cabaret, the show where you can sign up to preform in front of the school with different musical numbers, which I am really looking forward to.

Today we got a full day of sunshine and most people spent it outside on the quad, tanning, chatting and studying. Yesterday was beautiful too and golf is going well even though it is the most frustrating sport in the world.

We had a dance this weekend, and my favorite part of any dance is the getting ready. So I thought I’d include a few pictures, on the outer space theme.

Spring and summer is approaching us on the hill, and I can’t wait for it to come, even though I with sadness write that I am realizing my time here is running out.

That is all for now

Love Jo



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