Adventures pt 3


I’m currently looking out the window of the plane, watching the setting sun show itself again as the plane elevates in height. I’ve had the greatest week golfing in Tampa, Florida. The weather has been what seems almost a little too warm and sunny for a swede like me, but I wont complain.

We have woken up very early every morning, had our breakfast and then been coached on the ranch for about three hours every day during the sunrise. After lunch, we went out on the two different courses connected to the resort, for about two hours, followed my pool time and various afternoon activities. I have been spraying spf 50 like crazy, and still managed to get pretty burnt, with sock tans and golf glove tan included in the package deal.

First day, I learnt only one thing in those three hours. That I knew nothing. Second day, I got so frusterated that I could cry. Third day, is when I started getting a hang of my new, remodeled swing. Every golfer knows, that too much information just screws with your brain and you feel like you loose more knowledge than you gain. The golf coaching at Saddlebrook Resort was of world class, literally. We got to practice with some of the best coaches in the country, even ranked in the top 40s of the United States. I learnt so much and after these few days my hands are bruised and covered in blisters. But hard work pays off, and I have already gotten noticably more confident on the course.

We got several tangible and intangible things to bring home, so I thought I’d write some down, so I can look back at this post and be proud of my progress. These are personal things, so they might no apply to any other golfer reading this.

  • Distance from the ball
  • Straighter left arm and more upright, dont get influenced by your tennis swing
  • The arms- shoulder tringle- dont lean forward, drop your right shoulder instead
  • Lean slightly more forward
  • Don’t straighten during downswing, it will mess up your posture
  • POSTURE- straighten your back
  • The square- parallell shoulders and feet
  • If you start topping- it’s likely that your upswing isn’t high up enough
  • If you start slicing, your club is too open faced- adjust posture, alignemt and distance to the ball
  • If you start missing, you’re likely too far from the ball
  • Practince not topping on tees

The flora and fauna made me want to go paint. I’ve seen several alligators, storks, lizards and even a snake on the course. Not to mention all the different type of palm trees that just make want to take a million photos of them, print them out, and put them up all over Sweden. If only there was enough paper. The golf courses were truly beautiful, to the point where I almost lost focus on my game.

The rooms we stayed in were more like apartments, with two large queen beds, a kitchen, living room and the whole shabam for me and my roommate to share. Big windows, with the palm trees on the other side of the glass.

I was so lucky to get to go on this trip, and I enjoyed every single part of it. Sometimes, it was even a little overwhelming and I declined some afternoon plans to just sit down and take a breath and watch the clouds pass. I’m the kind of person who just needs some time like that every once in a while, even though most people tend to take me for the happy, hyper person that I aspire to be.

To conclude, I have got to experience so much and see so many new things, and I am so thankful to Westy and Assist for all the opportunities I get.  My absolute favorite part of the trip was probably the coaching, I’m such a competitive person and I’ll easily start thinking about breaking my clubs in half on bad days, and googling what colleges offer golf scholarships on god ones. It’s ridiculous.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about weather. I have come to the conclusion that I might be the rare kind of person who really enjoys a four season climate and would not want to live permanently in a place like florida or California, I get so tired of the warmth. However, when i get to travel to it like this, I reach a kind of euphoria. But I Iove falling asleep to the sound of rain against my window or taking a hot shower after being out in the snow, just as much. The seasons give an appreciation for whatever weather I’m in. I doubt I’ve ever written anything so cliche, but it’s true. I also have come to realize that I am not the person who enjoys resort trips just for the sun and the pool. I need stuff to do and things to explore. Golfing, touristing around, getting inspired, walking new streets and experiencing new cultures. The sun chair is usually not one of my top 10 activities.

Also, I’ve now reached the point where people stop noticing my Swedish accent, which is a little freaky to me. I’ll small talk with someone new, and they’ll be surprised to hear I’m not a permanent resident. I’m considering att tenta av engelska 7, but we’ll see.


Thats all for now. Hope you’re all well.




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