Adventures pt 2


This week, I feel like I’ve seen more than ever before in this short amount of time. I tried to not take photos of anything you might just as well find on google, I’m usually not that kind of tourist. I apologize if this post is a little sloppy, its s late at night and I really want to post this now because I have so much I got to do! I’m flying to Florida tomorrow!

This Wednesday we left the house in CT and drove down to Baltimore, in the state of Maryland, a city I’ve only of in the musical hairspray.  I must say,  it doesn’t really look like in the movie, but during our stay we did get to visit the neighborhood where the movie is supposed to take place, called Hamden.  It was absolutely adorable and had a lot of little restaurants. We lived close to the harbor in Chesapeake Bay which was beautiful. But our main purpose of the stop in Baltimore was to see the Johns Hopkins University, shown in some of the pictures.

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We stayed in Baltimore one night and then continued down to Virginia, and UVA,  the University of Virginia. I really loved everything we got to see the. The campus was beautiful and the people so nice. UVA is in Charlottesville,  so not a bigger city.  However, the town was adorable with tons of little shops and cafes and I can imagine living within walking distance to everything like that must be such a privilege,  along with having free vans etc to everywhere you’d want to go.

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I guess this makes you, my fellow reader, curious.  Do I plan in attending American college? The answer is honestly, I have no idea.  So far,  I have gotten to visit some of the absolute best colleges in the country, if not the world. The people who go there,  seem to have the whole world right by their feet. They have worked hard to get there,  not to mention the ridiculous costs of these schools, at least to someone coming from a country where school is already payed for. I’d absolutely love going to college here though. My eagerness to learn and grow is so strong, and I get so excited in places where everyone just seems so proud and happy to be where they are and do what they do.  The student-teacher relationship, the dorm life and the opportunities for individual research and development at these schools just seem to be just such a perfect match for me. Call me a nerd, sure. Might just have to agree with you haha. I’ll probably end up looking into the scholarships these schools offer, but there are such amazing opportunities for top class education in Sweden too, so I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted.

After one night at the hotel,  our travel continued to the capital, Washington DC.  What a different city from the bigger ones I’ve been to. We ended up staying for three nights, the first two days we were touristing, mostly upon my request. We saw so many things. So many beautiful buildings and monuments. We saw the Lincoln memorial, the Vietnam and the Korean War memorial, the Washington monument, the Jefferson, the Arlington cemetery and the Iwogema statue all in one day, walking and on a trolley. The next day we went to the Holocaust Museum, which was very moving. I took some pictures of what I found most memorable. We also did some shopping on M street and Wisconsin, got some of the infamous Georgetown cupcakes and strolled around looking at the cute architecture of the neighborhood. The day after that we visited Georgetown university before driving back to CT. I feel like I’m getting really spoiled with schools and my standards get higher and higher.

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Lately I’m been thinking a lot about patriotism. After being to DC, I got a new appreciation and interest for the history and pride of this country. There is so much effort put into the memory and spreading of legacy of old presidents and victories, not to mention soldiers. It’s very inspiring.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about time. Very few people here take years off after high school, the clear majority goes right into college and then to further education or to work. In Sweden, it is not uncommon at all for people to take one, if not several years off. I really believe that the years in school are some of the best ones, at least if you are like me. I will take every opportunity I get to travel, study and experience. Settling will come, eventually, I guess. But I don’t understand the haste to finish school. I feel like many people who are done with studying day just that, they wished they had appreciated that time more. Oh well, again, I’m such a nerd.

Conclusion of the road trip is a lot of new views, amazing food, many coffees, lots of campuses and probably some gained weight. Loved it.

Now, I’m off to Florida. See ya later alligator



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