Adventures pt 1


Today, we are snowed in. It’s strange, having packed one bag of clothes that is supposed to last me through both negative degrees celsius and summer heat for the spring break! Yesterday I went to bed without a single snowflake on the ground outside my window and I woke up today with what looked like someone holding up a blindingly white sheet of paper on the other side of my curtain. We are off on the road tomorrow, traveling down to Washington DC, so I have worried that our plans would change but it looks like it’s about to stop snowing before that.

This week has been the fastest week of my entire year here. I don’t even know what happened, all of a sudden the first week of break is practically over. It’s been a blast, the first few days I was home here in CT with the family, just chilling. Then I went to Rhode Island to stay with my friend Chris, because I totally loved the place last time I was there and was fortunate enough to get to go again! There I got to visit Newport, the Newport mansions and the cliff walk. We also went to Watch Hill which is close to Westerly where we stayed. All days the sun was out and the sky was blue. I really appreciate it when I get to go somewhere close to water, as I don’t get to during school  time since were in the middle of the state. Coming from Stockholm, the city of islands, being by the water feels homey somehow. I had a great time there, I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in the summertime.

I also finally got to hike Talcott Mountain, where you walk up a trail to the top. Being a lover of all beautiful views, this is something I’ve wanted to do since I first started going to Westminster School, as you can spot the Heublein Tower, the tower on the top if the mountain ridge from campus. I just mentioned it to someone that that was definitely on my bucket list of my stay, but then I just have not had the possibility to get there until now!

In what felt like the blink of an eye, I’m back home, leaving again tomorrow morning. It’s already been an eventful break, and there are more adventures to come!

Also, I think want to try and include a little paragraph in each blogpost on where my mind is currently at, things I’ve been thinking about lately. I just figured it might be fun to read in maybe a years time, what was running through my head in my everyday life. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the butterfly effect, because it is just such a cool concept branching off the chaos theory in science. It’s  just been on my mind lately, what lead up to me being here, all small coincidences. How I am so close to some people, because of what started out as a random unplanned conversation. I’ve also become increasingly interested in the skill of lucid dreaming. I just think it is the coolest thing I have ever heard of. I don’t know too much about it, but I definitely want to learn more. If you don’t know these two things, look them up!

I think that is it for now. Byyyyeeee


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