Hi Grammy.


Things I think my grandma would ask me if her hearing wasn’t so bad that we can’t really speak on the phone.

Hi grammy. I have been so busy. So busy that I’m even starting to learn how to take naps, which you might now I’ve never been able to. The winter term was over in a whim, in the blink of an eye, and I am now on spring break. It gives me slight anxiety to try and fit so many things in one blog post, but I really do not know how else to do it. If you have any ideas, please tell me. I however have decided to start posting once a week. I really want to be able to read this blog in a years time and remember things, so I will try to fit as many things as possible.

Being busy this way really is a privilege, I get to enjoy so many fun things. Remember how I told you about that I started playing hockey?  Hockey season just ended, which is both sad and a relief, because it kept me so busy.  I have improved enormously. By no means was I a great asset to the team, but at least I was an asset, I guess. We played six days a week, including roughly two games. Some days at the rink at school, some days practice at the rink a 10 minute van drive away.

What has gone even better though is the regionals festival, where everyone my age in the northern part of the state interested in singing, auditions to a regionals festival here in Connecticut. I got in and got to participate in two full days of singing and rehearsing with 200 other people who enjoys it as much as me and a world class conductor, probably honestly the best one I’ve ever preformed with. It was an awesome experience,all of it, even though I obviously did not know anyone in the audience.

This trimester, I also had the opportunity to go to broadway in New York with the dramat association. We took the bus there early one morning, and spent the day walking around, before I got to see the amazing show Dear Evan Hansen. I really loved it, it had great music and actors and a beautiful plot, definitely look it up. Being a part of dramat for the second trimester in a row was awesome, because I was so lost all fall haha. It is harder than it looks! I learnt a lot then, but had a lot more fun this time around  since I had a bigger part, got to sing, and was more comfortable with acting out.

When long weekend came up I spent it with two great friends in Madison, where I also spent my fall long weekend. It really is a beautiful little place on the coast. We also got to watch a Yale hockey game, which was so cool! I have never been a huge hockey fan, but now that I’ve played myself I have a whole new appreciation for the sport and watching games as well as playing really is soon much fun! These college games can get pretty heated and one of the players ended up with a broken stick. Me and my friend were determined to somehow get our hands on it, and after trial and error we eventually were given the stick and got to bring it home! So that was an unexpected victory. We also got to take a tour at Yale University, one of the absolute best schools there are. I can’t say I loved the city of New Haven where it is, but the school itself was absolutely stunning. The campus areas were gorgeous, the buildings full of history and the libraries of pride. I enjoyed every minute of the tour until my feet hurt too much.

I once again had the opportunity to go to New York to the Natural History museum with my Big History class for a field trip. I think Big History and Psych are my favorite classes, just thinking purely about the learning content. I really enjoyed the trip there, and being a tourist I was obviously excited about the fact that I was in the same place as where Night at the Museum takes place.

Spring weather is right around the corner now and it really shows! Two weeks ago we had the biggest snow storm and day students were even excused from classes. then last week, the sun was blinding and there was an awesome 20 degrees celsius outside- we studied outside, I brought the guitar and speakers, and we tanned for hours. I have also been painting a lot lately, I don’t know how I’ve made the time, but I’ve just felt more inspired than usual.

I also want to bring up the some of the events the school organizes for the students, mostly for my own recollection, such as dorm olympics, where all dorm houses compete against each other in various games and sports and trivia, where my house won the 1st place trophy (because we are the best. ok. don’t try and argue me on this one.) The inspiring speakers in the chapel and WCC, such as one of the Sara Hendershot, who was a rower in the 2012 Olympics, talking about not giving up and choosing your won path, or acapella groups such as Backtrack, look them up on Youtube, student organizations bringing up important dates and issues, such as the international women’s day and feminism, other inequalities, diversity, but also personal experiences.

I have pretty much not been off campus other than though school services in forever, because of my busy schedule allowing me as little as half an hour of free time a day. But nevertheless, I’ve been loving it. And hating it. A day in the life could be classes from 8:20 to 2:45, then hockey from 3:30 to 4:30, then right after that dramat until 6, then dinner, and then study hall from 8-10. But all the great friends I’ve made have really been the best thing about this term, even considering all the fun things I have been able to do . I love you all so much, thanks for existing. You are the best. I can no longer imagine life without you guys. Everyone who does not know you is seriously missing out.

This is what a day in the life could look like! CLICK HERE (If you find yourself somewhere in the background in the video and don’t fel comfortable with that, please don’t hesitate to tell me and I will cut you out!) The video description contains everything you’d probably ask. I left out a lot of things but this is what I thought might be what people would be most interested in seeing.
If you missed my New York vlog, here it is! CLICK HERE

So those are some things, among many more that I could bring up. As I mentioned, it really pains me that I have not had enough time to feel like I could write a blogpost with quality content, but I will try better from now on, as I slowly realize my time here is running out. I try and savior every moment. Since “en bild säger mer än tusen ord” I will try and let the pictures speak for themselves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My aim for this blog is to accurately describe and portray what I do, as well as the atmosphere I am in, and my thoughts and opinions about things I experience. I really want  to push the extra mile to do that correctly, as I feel as of now this way of posting is too broad in every way. I’m writing this to push myself to be better at this, maybe this will give me some extra pressure because I think it would be very rewarding to feel proud of everything I post. Bye ❤


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