Winter break


Happy 2017 to anyone reading this! Isn’t it just crazy to say that?? This break has been so much fun, I’ve really had a blast and I feel so relaxed and ready to go back to school tomorrow (not), I have a ton of pictures so I think I’m gonna let them speak for themselves mostly in this post. I have really made the effort to document as much as possible, for me and for my future self. That is what I find the most important. Through that I learn everyday. Some of the pictures have comments so make sure to swipe over them. To be featured on my blog please do not hesitate to take me to new places as I will make sure to tell people about it, good way to be sponsored just saying.

I feel like the first like weeks of the break was a kind of Christmas every day, decorating, shopping, seeing friends and family, wrapping, cooking and christmas music. We had a lot of people over, and I baked kanelbullar and lussebullar for everyone and I’m proud to say they were very much liked! We went to Yankee Candle Village and Night Lights and visited a ton of people, just to mention a few things and explain some of the photos.


New York
Wintertime in New York City is crazy, soon much people everywhere you can barely move. We still managed to see some great places and make some nice memories and look at all the Christmas decorations. We went to Bryant Park and the ice skating rink and the little Christmas shop, Rockefeller Center which was completely PACKED and saw the famous Christmas tree and rink and lights, and the Saks huge light show. We went to Times Square again because I love it there and to Soho where we dined at the Instagram famous Black Tap.

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Boston and New Years
I spent New Years in Boston and this was my first time actually seeing the city apart from the few hours I visited it with Assist in August. I stayed at the Sheraton hotel with my friend Abbie and I must say, I loved the city. The unique mix of old and new and the crisscross streets, the stores, the people and the culture was lovely. I hope I’ll be able to come back later in the year to see it during warmer times too. We went to Newbury street, the art museum, Beacon Hill and the garden, lots of restaurants and walked through both little alleyways and busy streets. We lived practically in the mall, it was connected to our hotel so like shopping was inevitable..

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Extras, this is from the store Costco. Is it weird that it really amazed me? I feel like a Swedish 6 year old lol but I had to take som pictures here because it kinda represents what people told me about America before I came, that portions, cars, stores etc are just bigger. Like a lot bigger. This store was crazy to me! Swedes, look at this?? Can you even find me in some of these pictures?? Americans, here’s a laugh and maybe a new perspective on something you view as normal, i don’t know:

Overall, I had a great break. School feels so far away!! I’m so happy for all the new things I got to experience and for all the people I got to meet and spend time with. Thanks so much to my amazing family, Abbies family, and all the friends I met during break, you are all glorious. Thanks for all the presents, from the people here and everyone at home who sent me things. I love you.


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