Fall Trimester


Today is the second day of thanksgiving break, which I guess means this trimester has come to an end. I have ten days off now, and honestly I just want to sleep for a week! It’s so fascinating to me that this is normal life to the people here. It all feels so different, it still feels like a dream. I am learning so much. I am growing so much, and after just these few months I already feel like I’m a different person than before. I am so grateful for all this. And that’s what Thanksgiving is all about, right!

I thought I’d take the time to update you on some of the highlights of the fall term and share some pictures I have not already shared.

New England is famous for the beautiful fall, when all the trees transform into what looks like fire. We have it too back home, but nothing like this. One Wednesday at the peek of the transformation we drove out to a little waterfall and had a picnic and just enjoyed it. We have changing trees in Sweden too, but nothing like this. To sum up the fall here in one word: pumpkin spice. I think I have had pumpkin spice everything by now. From latte to ice-cream to pancakes!

I celebrated my first real Halloween here a couple weeks ago. The halloween hype was just what I expected it to be, a lot of costume planning but what ended up a last minute decision, a dance, a lot of colorful creepy food and scares. It was definitely a lot of fun and I should’ve taken more pictures!!


Fall long weekend was a well needed break from the intensity of school. I was lucky enough to get to spend it with two friends in Madison, a town by the coast of Connecticut, and in New York over a day. Madison was the kind of town you kind of wish you lived in, it has that calm homey feeling and is right by the ocean. This time in the City I got to see parts of New York I haven’t seen before, we weren’t in ll the touristy places I’ve been before, but strolled around in the areas of the real New Yorkers, you know, those neighborhoods you see in all the movies.



Okay guys. I know you want  to hear about the election. Politics has never been a huge interest of mine but this time I watched all the debates and joined all the discussions. I feel like were so globalized now though and you probably heard everything on the other side of the water that we heard too. But what I can tell you is that some people were really devastated the next day. Some where really scared and some where angry. Some where indifferent and some content. Until the last minute people stayed awake to watch the election, which was unsure until the last minute. The aftermath of it has been many discussions here at westy, but also riots and protests in other places. I heard our neighbor school Ethel Walker even shut down for a couple days.



Also, I have decided to try hockey as my afternoon activity for the winter season. Okay okay I know. But I wanted to try something new, and I know how to skate. We have had our first practice already, and to be honest I felt like bambi. But I’m excited to have something to get better at. Getting better at something is the best feeling in the world! Fall term dramat was something entirely new for me and now that the play is done I can definitely say I learnt a lot. Practice hours where crazy, even for us with smaller roles, and I was so impressed by the main characters, how in the world can they remember all those lines??


I wouldn’t say what people usually say, “Time flies! Can you imagine?” These few months here have been long. Long in the way that everyday is so eventful, I have definitely made a lot of mistakes, but I have learnt so much, and I have got to experience so many new things. It hits me and humbles me everyday to think of how lucky I am to be here. When I left home this August I can honestly say I had no idea what I was in for.



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