Life At Boarding School

Morning on campus- going to breakfast

I have so many things to tell you! But I decided it’ll be too long of a post, so I’ll make another one later, promise. This one will be about campus life mostly.

How have I been here for like two months already? But also, how has all this happened in only two months? I thought I would be at least ok at this whole blog-my-year-thing, but apparently not haha

So I’m at the school now, all settled in an in the swing of things. Westminster school has a beautiful campus, the pictures don’t make it justice, and the possibilities of activities here are next to endless. I can’t remember the last time I watched a series.  I can’t remember the last time I was really bored. There are just always things to do here, and no day is the same.

These are all photos from campus, the games, meetings and dorms.

The classes I take are English 5, US History, AP Calc AB, AP Psychology and Digital Arts. I auditioned for Chamber Choir and got in, so at the moment I take six classes. I’m considering enrolling in a 7th one however, an independent art study. The schooldays here are short, the load of homework is big. It is more like the way universities work, classes are 45 min seminars, but all the work is done outside of class. Everyone is required to do an afternoon activity SIX DAYS A WEEK such as a sport or dramat, and since the fall sports are all too hard on my knees (field hockey, soccer, track and lacrosse) I am doing dramat, which is a totally new experience for me! That is why they can eat so much stuff, they are just so much sportier. Wednesdays and Saturdays are game days and all the teams either play here or go to away games with vans. Being on a team seems like so much fun, I really hope I’ll be able to join a fun team for the winter sport season!

Everyday there are different events, club meetings, seminars, games and massive feeds, almost what we Swedes would refer to as “fika” but with hundreds of bagels, donuts or icecreams instead. The food here is a lot better than I expected, there are just so many choices from hot drinks, cool drinks, warm food, salads, fruit, cereal, breads and desserts, there is always something to find that you like. We do order a lot too from the various restaurants etc in town and get it delivered to campus.

We can leave the campus and walk downtown if we have time and sign out, order food, go to restaurants or different little events in town. Simsbury is small, but there are some really good places here. On weekends you can sign out to spend the night somewhere else, like my homestay family, or if you stay on campus (which most people usually do) there are vans driving to the mall, the movies etc.

Culturally I still feel a little like an outsider, somehow I still struggle with replying quickly to “what’s up?” Or “how’s it going?” But I think I’m getting better haha. The people here are, just as the norm goes, more social than us grumpy swedes. Just more talkative and confident in general. The teachers here are amazing, in the way they care. Many of them live on or close to campus, and you become close to them in a way that feels completely alien for a swede from a public dayschool.

Living in a dorm is sooo much fun. Everyone is constantly running around and popping their heads in everyone’s rooms, hanging out in the commonrooms or blasting loud music in the showers. You are always surrounded by people, but with a campus this big, theres always places to hide away too. I have not even been to all of campus yet. Walking around it probabaly takes an hour. The sports facilities include 35 acres of playing fields, 14 tennis courts, a 400-meter synthetic track, eight  squash courts, an indoor hockey rink, a new lighted turf field, baseball and softball fields, basketball courts, an eight-lane, 25-yard swimming pool, and a huge gym. Being me, I like hiding away in the art center and just paint too.

Overall, it is just very different. But still sort of the same somehow. Life is just more intense, more challenging.

I feel so blessed to be here and to have been welcomed this well and I have already met people I know I’ll keep in touch with for a long time. I am so grateful for all this and all the amazing people I’ve met and things I have experienced so far. Can’t wait for what the future holds!


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